Let me ask you a quick question--do you want to be like everyone else? (I sure as hell don't.) So why train like everyone else?

That was a trick question, there's no good answer. (Winner, winner, chicken dinner!)

Truth is an individualized program written by a coach that knows how to evaluate your needs and plan accordingly is the best path to take you to your goals.

Stop traffic, and get ready to be happy, because I have great news. I'm that coach.

Want to get stronger, drop fat, fight a viking or just plain move better? I'm here to help!

Why online training?

Unfortunately, most coaches/trainers aren't worth their short-shorts and polo shirts. I don't like it anymore than you do. So you could walk into your local gym and drop $100/session on a lady or gent and certainly get a workout. But can you be sure your program is individualized? And can they coach exercise performance in a way that improves your technique? That's a lot of money for a lot of uncertainty.

You're training to be strongest you and you deserve a program, and coaching, that gets you there.

Here's what you get when you train with me:

  1. A detailed evaluation that fins your Point A so we can get you to your Point B.
  2. An individualized program updated monthly. Each program includes: soft-tissue training, mobility training, strength and power training, and conditioning. The proportions of each depending on your needs and goals.
  3. Weekly progress monitoring that keeps you on track and making progress toward your goals.
  4. Optional nutrition coaching and support. (This costs a little extra.)

Ready to get started and whoop ass?

Check out what online client, and fellow coach, Eric Prush of Long Island, NY has to say about training with me online:

Let's get started..

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