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BSPWhat's up? Thanks for stopping in. I'm Todd Bumgardner, MS, CSCS and I'm a bit of a strength training nomad. Over the past ten years I've traveled to work with, and learn from, the best in the fitness industry while earning a reputation as one of the best young strength coaches and presenters in the United States. Along the way I've picked up and put down a few kilotons. I've also wrestled a bear and soothed a jaguar with a broken paw. But mostly I've helped a lot of people--from NFL linebackers, to housewives--train harder and get stronger. I created this site to help as many people as possible reach their training goals and live a bigger, stronger life. We're all in this together so let's Build. Stronger. People. When I'm not coaching, I fancy myself a writer, a budding fly fisherman and a guy that knows how to tell a good beer from lackluster poppycock!

Coaching: Our Paradigm

  1. Find the bright spots: tell them what they're doing well first.
  2. Clearly identify problems. Communicate this using the least amount of info possible.
  3. Direct the change by cueing externally. Clearly define the crucial actions.
  4. Dramatically reinforce positive change.
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Skype Consultations

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Whether you're having a hard time troubleshooting a lift or you need an honest gent to bounce programming ideas off of, I have your back. I also have a few dance moves I'm willing to share. (No extra cost!) Live half the world away? Let's forget about the distance and use the magic of the internet to connect on Skype for a consultation. You'll get awesome coaching and training advice without leaving your house! Click the link below to get started.

Skype Consultations

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Stuff I endorse

You want to whoop ass--here are some Todd Bumgardner endorsed products that increase your ass whooping ability. Get stronger, get faster, get leaner, become a better human being. Check these Bad Larrys out and give them a go. I wouldn't put my name beside them if they weren't worth your hard earned greenbacks.


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What people say about me

I've busted my ass to help a lot of people get stronger and live better lives--training hard and having a blast along the way. They've had some nice things to say about that. Check those things out here.

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